Christmas Sucks
More Work Bullshit

So my clueless boss got to write me up yet again. This time with an HR rep who by her own admission just started working at the company. So they took turns telling me how much I suck and almost ruined my weekend.

Something tells me this guy got written up too. I hope so at least. What an asshole. He spends more time planning parties than doing his job.

The motherfuckin’ saga continues.

That Asshole at work.

Okay, to that bitch at work who insists on being catty and looking for a fight? One day you’re going to get it but from someone else who will wreck your ass. And then I will laugh. I will be there when you fall. So stay snarky. See you next Tuesday.

Me too Billy…

Me too Billy…

I need this shirt……

I need this shirt……


Now let’s get something straight, if I fuck up I’m good (not happy but good). I have a bit of a problem with my boss who fucks up ALL THE TIME writing me up for it. This fucking guy spends more time planning events than doing his job or learning how to do mine (which he doesn’t know how to do btw). When do I get to write his ass up?
If there is any justice in this corporate world he’ll get his. How this clueless idiot even got the job is beyond me.
Now I was in the wrong, but give me a verbal. And keep it moving.

Why work Sucks

For a number of reasons of course but the most annoying has to be fat girls that you work with who for some reason are delusional enough to think that they

A. Manage you when they don’t. You are not my fucking boss so anything you say I will keep in consideration but in all likelyhood not do.

B. Really talk a lot of shit about guy s for some reason. Especially considering that they don’t have a boyfriend and tell everyone they work with they have a stalker when they do GIVE OUT THEIR # to somebody. What the fuck did you give him the # to begin with asshole? Idiot.

C. Gossip. Fat girls love to talk a bunch of shit because they don’t have shit going on. True fact. At times they just seem to make shit up. And when you call them out(which is very easy to do, just ask “How do you know this?”), their eyes twitch. LIAR!

So yeah work sucks, fat girls make it worse.

I fucking hate Christmas

And you know what I have to live with this bullshit until December 25th. The mass consumerism in this country is disgusting. And while I’m on it to that douche bag that I work with? No more favors for you asshole. Don’t tell me I made a mistake when I’m doing YOU a favor bitch. That shit is no longer happening so there is no more next time.